Vlaho Bukovac House

A childhood home converted to a painting studio by the Croatian artist Vlaho Bukovac (1855-1922).

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  • Family activities
  • Talks and presentations
  • Temporary exhibitions

Bukovac spent the first eleven years of his life in this house in Cavtat, before leaving with his uncle for New York. On returning to Croatia at the age of fifteen, he initially trained as a sailor, but an injury forced him into convalescence at his parents' home. Here he began painting, though it was not until the mid-1870s, after he had travelled to North and South America, that he decided to focus on art as a career. From 1877, he was living and studying in Paris, during the high period of Impressionism. His works were eclectic in style, and included Impressionist-inspired landscapes, but frequently focused around grand literary and religious scenes, nudes and portraits.

When he returned to Croatia in 1893, Bukovac established himself at the centre of a new Croatian art scene. From 1898-1902, he based himself in his former childhood home, and converted it to a painting studio. After his death in 1922, the house was converted into a public atelier museum by his daughters. It reopened as part of the Museums and Galleries of Konavale in 2004.

Opening Times

1 November - 30 April
Tuesday - Saturday, 9am - 1pm; 2pm - 5pm

Sundays, 2pm - 5pm

1 May - 31 October

Daily, 9am - 1pm; 4pm - 8pm




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