Anna Golubkina Memorial Studio

The former studio of the Russian sculptor Anna Golubkina (1864-1927), bequeathed to the nation at her death.

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A student of Auguste Rodin (1850-1917), Anna Golubkina belonged to the so-called 'Silver Age' of Russian culture, at the turn of the nineteenth century. Her portrait-busts, wrote Maximilian Voloshin in 1911, were 'nervous, elusive, weak-willed, thinking and tempted, in many spiritual ways a portrait of our times'. In 1910, Golubkina rented two studios in a beloved corner of old Moscow, between the Prechistenka and Arbat roads. This would be her workspace until the end of her life. When she died, she bequeathed the studio and a number of her works to the Soviet state, and the Anna Golubkina Memorial Museum was established with additional donations of work from her family.

The museum has an unparalleled collection of Golubkina's works, numbering around 300, from across her career. Her sculptures are made in plaster, bronze, marble, wood and stone, and include autonomous in-the-round pieces and reliefs as well as small-scale works. However, the museum also preserves many of Golubkina's graphic work, paintings and cameos. Now a branch of the State Tretyakov Gallery, the memorial studio was saved largely in its original form, displaying Golubkina's arrangement of shelves, tools, frames and clay boxes. Unfinished sculptures still stand alongside her completed works.

Please note: the museum is currently closed for renovation.

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Currently closed for renovation.



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