Žmuidzinavicius Memorial House

The former home of painter Antanas Žmuidzinavicius (1876-1966), now famed as the 'Devils' Museum' over 3000 objects.

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Antanas Žmuidzinavicius studied at institutions across Europe, including Paris, before moving to Vilnius, where in 1907 he established the Vilnius Art Society. Known for his landscapes and genre scenes, he was also a prominent art collector, and at his death he bequeathed his Kaunas home and collection to the state. At the time of his death, that collection included some 260 sculptures of devils, acquired in the face of a Soviet ban on religious images, and almost exclusively representing examples of Lithuanian folk art.

In the years after Žmuidzinavicius's death, visitors and other members of the public continued to contribute to the collection, which today extends to over 3,000 objects, all focused on representations of devils. In 1982, an extension was built to house this part of the collection, which sits alongside the historic rooms dating from Žmuidzinavicius's tenure - including his paintings collection, living quarters and studio.

Opening Times

Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday, 11am - 5pm

Wednesday - Friday, 11am - 7pm

Closed on national holidays

Admission prices:

€5.00 Adults

€2.50 Children, Students & Seniors

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