Musée Yvonne Jean-Haffen

The former home of French painter, designer, engraver and ceramicist Yvonne Jean-Haffen, now also a space for contemporary artists.

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Feature List

  • Artist in residence
  • Artist workshop
  • Temporary exhibitions

Yvonne Jean-Haffen was a disciple and friend of Mathurin Méheut (1882-1958). She bought this house in 1937 and, with her husband, set about restoring it, decorating the wall of the dining room with a large fresco inspired by Breton life. This imposing house, with its surrounding garden and a view over the port became a major artistic and cultural hub throughout World War II, and Brittany - its landscape, botany and animal life, its architecture, its religious assemblies and market crowds - became Jean-Haffen's preferred subject.

In 1987, Yvonne Jean-Haffen bequeathed the house and her work to Dinan, and the house opened to the public the year after her death in 1993. It still hosts annual exhibitions of her work. Since 2017, it has also housed Les Ateliers du Plessix Madeuc, an organisation that runs regular contemporary art residencies and related exhibitions throughout the year, we well as coordinating conferences, talks and debates with a focus on contemporary art.

Opening Times

Regular open house events throughout the year. Check the website for latest dates.



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