Musée national Jean-Jacques Henner

The former studio-home of painter Guillaume Dubufe (1853-1909), which now houses the work of Jean-Jacques Henner (1829-1905).

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Feature List

  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Literary and musical events programme
  • Education programmes

The painter Guillaume Dubufe became celebrated for his large-scale decorative commissions, which included ceilings at the Gare de Lyon and the Sorbonne. He bought this house in 1878 from another painter, Roger Jourdain (1845-1918), and decorated it himself in an eclectic style drawing influence from Chinese, Renaissance and North African art, among others.

Alsatian painter Jean-Jacques Henner, known for his bold historical and religious subjects, spent much of his career in the Nouvelle Athènes quarter of Paris, and in 1921, Marie Henner, Henner's niece by marriage, bought Dubufe's former home with the intention of establishing a museum devoted to Henner's work. The musée national Jean-Jacques Henner opened in 1924, and was expanded and renovated in 2015-16. It now displays a range of works by Henner, including sketches, documents and paintings.

Opening Times

Daily, 11am 6pm

Closed on Tuesdays



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