McCahon House

The 1950s home of New Zealand artist Colin McCahon (1919-1987).

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Feature List

  • Artist in residence
  • Guided Tours
  • Historic home

McCahon House is the 1950s home of esteemed New Zealand artist Colin McCahon. Here you will encounter stories not only of the artist, but also, life in 1950s New Zealand, and you'll also enjoy the native bush and beach of West Auckland.

During the seven years the McCahon's lived in French Bay, whilst maintaining a full time job as Deputy Director at Auckland Art Gallery, McCahon produced a prolific amount of paintings.

Painting from the house, McCahon was able to address global issues from a local point of view, and sow the seeds and identify the themes of his major works. The house retains the hand-tooled additions and innovations made by McCahon himself. As a vibrant example of New Zealand vernacular architecture (a bach), it's a natural extension of his paintings.

Nestled deep in the coastal foothills of the Waitakere ranges, McCahon House embodies some of Auckland's most vital historical narratives. It stands now - as it did for McCahon - as a place where art, society and the natural environment converge.

Opening Times

Mon - Tues : Closed

Wed - Sun : 1pm - 4pm


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