La Maison Cauchie

One of the finest works of Art Nouveau in Brussels, designed to advertise the artist couple Paul Cauchie and Caroline Voet

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  • Open to the public

Designed and built by Paul Cauchie (1875-1952) as a collaboration with his wife Caroline Voet (1875-1969), whom he met when they were both students at the Brussels Academy of Fine Art, the house was erected in 1905, the year the couple married, on a six metre square plot of land in Brussels. Cauchie intended that it would promote their artistic skills: his as a sgraffito artist and hers as an art teacher. With purpose-designed interiors, furniture and central studio, the house is an example of a 'total artwork', designed as a complete architectural and decorative project.

Visitors to the house today can view the couple's domestic interiors much as they appeared during their lifetimes, as well as a basement gallery exhibiting aspects of the Cauchie's art and lives.

Opening Times

10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5:30pm on the first weekend of the month

Admission prices:

€7 Adults

Accurate as of September 2018.



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