Júlio Resende Home-Studio

Júlio Resende's Home-Studio, classified as a Monument of Public Interest in June 2011

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The Júlio Resende Home-Studio was the place of life and work of the painter between 1962 to 2011 and is located in Gramido at Valbom (Gondomar).

Designed in 1962 by the architect José Carlos Loureiro, Júlio Resende Home-Studio was classified as a Monument of Public Interest in June 2011 and is a notable example of the modern Portuguese architecture. The house was planned with great creative freedom and with only one condition — the size of the studio, which was defined by the painter. In his studio, Resende spent most of his life painting, meditating and writing in an uninterrupted dialogue with reality and his interior world. After the painter's death on 21 September 2011, the studio was remodelled and reopened at 2015; the usual chaos and the objects which Resende collected occupied its usual place again.

The house offers several possibilities to amplify the knowledge about the living and the artistic legacy of the painter. Visitors can find temporary and permanent exhibitions about Resende's life and work, in a more intimate perspective, which contributes to deepen the figure of this Portuguese renowned painter.

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