House Museum of Pavel Korin

The Moscow studio of the art restorer, portraitist and artist of the monumental Requiem. Rus disappearing, Pavel Korin (1892-1967).

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Originally trained as an icon painter, the artist and art restorer Pavel Korin had a successful career as a painter of portraits and mosaics during the Soviet era. He moved to this building in 1934 and remained here for the rest of his life. During this period he worked on extensive preparatory sketches for his Requiem. Rus disappearing painting, but he never completed it.

On his death in 1967, Korin bequeathed his studio and its contents to the Tretyakov Gallery, with the stipulation that the contents should be preserved as they were. Today, the museum displays many of Korin's domestic interiors - and his major collection of Russian icons - as he left them. The studio also remains much as it was, and includes paintings relating to Requiem. Rus disappearing as well as material from Korin's commissions for the Moscow metro.Please note: the museum is currently closed for renovation.

Articles from the Pavel Korin Museum.

Yuliya Kudryavtseva, Head of the Korin Art Research Department at the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, on the challenges of curating the House Museum of Pavel Korin.

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Currently closed to the public while renovations are taking place.


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