Meet the youngest museum director in the Netherlands

Villa Mondriaan appoints a new Director

At 25 years old Charlotte Rixten is the youngest museum director in the Netherlands

Charlotte Rixten previously studied at the University of Groningen where she obtained two bachelor degrees in International Relations and International Organisation and Art History. She went on the graduate with distinction from the research masters Collections and Curating Practices at the University of Edinburgh. Rixten succeeds Judith Kadee, who has been appointed as curator of the Museum Escher in the Palace in the Hague. Rixten previously worked at Villa Mondriaan as a successful junior-director.

'Art does not exist in a vacuum, but is an active element of our society. How art affects us and how we can affect art is a relevant question for everyone.' Charlotte Rixten

Villa Mondriaan is thrilled to have chosen another young and promising director with international experience in the cultural world. The museum is visited by over 15,000 visitors who come to see Mondriaan's early work. The museum is also a platform for innovative young artists.

Portrait of Charlotte Rixten

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