Sorolla on the hunt for impressions

12 Feb 2019, noon - 29 Sep 2019, noon

Sorolla on the hunt for impressions at the Museo Sorolla Studio.

During the course of his lifetime Joaquín Sorolla painted nearly 2,000 very small-format oils on card or panel. He generally termed them apuntes [observations] although on occasions he called them manchas de color [patches of paint] or notas de color [colour notes].

This format allowed him for a rapid capturing of ideas or impressions of things observed, expressed as independent works that went beyond a mere sketch.

Initially considered intimate, unfinished works, small studies of this type were soon appreciated for their creative freedom and as the starting point for potential new compositions. They began to be exhibited and valued as expressions of an artist's most personal and original facet.

Based in Sorolla's former home in Madrid, the Museo Sorolla was opened to the public following the death of his widow, Clotilde Garcia del Castillo, in 1932. The house had originally been built in 1909-10, under Sorolla's supervision; in size and scale, it was designed to reflect the artist's status as a successful gentleman-painter, as Sorolla was then among the most successful artists in Spain.

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