'Garden by the Sea': Discover the artist's garden at the Johannes Larsen Museum

An exhibition celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Danish artist's birth will explore the role of the artist's garden as a creative force and inspiration.

Johannes and Alhed Larsen made their garden by the sea a focal point of their artistic work, their domestic life and their social interactions with artistic colleagues. 'Garden by the Sea' explores their relationship with their own garden, and the garden as an artistic space more generally, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Johannes Larsen's birth.

The exhibition includes artwork by both Larsens, as well as by the wider group of Furnish painters, including Anna Syberg, Christine and Sigurd Swane, and the Larsens' grandson Jeppe.

Johannes Larsen, 'Garden shed with cherry in bloom' (Johannes Larsen Museum)

Further information

Find out more about Garden by the Sea, Johannes Larsen and the Johannes Larsen Museum at the museum website.

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