"Dans l'Atelier" - new exhibition at the Petit Palais, Paris (5 April - 17 July 2016)

More than 400 photographs, paintings, sculptures and videos penetrate to the heart of the artistic process.

Open from 5 April - 17 July 2016, this exhibition at the Petit Palais, Paris explores the studios and working practices of artists including Ingres, Picasso, Matisse, Bourdelle, Zadkine, Brancusi and Jeff Koons. This is the first exhibition on this scale to focus attention entirely on the studio.

Since the beginning of photography, artists' studios have fascinated photographers. To photograph the studio has been to approach the artist at work, and to reveal the process of artistic creation, as well as to turn the focus back onto photography itself.

The exhibition divides into three major themes: 'The Artist in Majesty', 'Life in the Studio' and 'Photographic Meditations'.

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The exhibition runs from 5 April - 17 July, at the Petit Palais, Paris

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